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Meet Dr. Nicholas Calvino author of "Modern Foods Solution" How to achieve vibrant health in a toxic world.

Dr. Nicholas Calvino

Author of Modern Foods Solution

There are two main causes of ill-health:  either your body is getting too much of something, or you aren’t getting enough. This concept, known as toxicities and deficiencies also explains the relationship between the two. Furthermore, it illustrates that deficiencies almost always accompany toxicity and toxicity accompanies deficiency. All your detoxification pathways are nutrient dependent, so as your body is required to deal with the ever increasing toxic burden in our world, your nutrient reserves are depleted. If your nutrient stores are used up in supporting detoxification pathways, your detoxification pathways start to slow or shut down, and not only do you become toxic, but are in a state a deficiency. The opposite is true as well. Therefore, the most effective approach in supporting total wellness is to address BOTH toxicity and deficiency. This will allow the most desirable health results.


For close to two years now, ITI has provided the most powerful cell antioxidant and cell detoxifier, MA+. MA+ contains special, undenatured proteins that help satisfy the body’s need for complete protein (all your detoxification pathways are also protein dependent) and provides the body precursors it needs to make the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier, glutathione. We have witnessed tremendous results with this truly amazing product which improves the foundation of health and helps the body to heal itself. As amazing as those results have been, ITI, working with Dr. Nicholas Calvino and Mr. Robert Gauthier believe these results can be taken to an even greater level using a special form of whole grain enzymes. Even though we were skeptical  the addition of a new product could complement something as powerful as MA+, the pre-release trials we have conducted behind the scenes over the last few months have been phenomenal.


Without further adieu, ITI is pleased to announce the pre-release of its new product the TRS Enzyme Complex.  TRS Enzyme Complex is an amazing product from sprouted grains that helps the body overcome deficiency in a powerful way,  by allowing you to get more from your food. We have all heard the axiom, “You are what you eat;” however, this is a mis-statement. You are what you eat, digest and absorb. In addition, it also provides trace minerals, vitamins, and fiber. By providing key nutrients and helping your body better utilize food, TRS Enzymes powerfully help the body overcome deficiencies and increase vitality. In fact, enzymes have been called “the fountain of life” because without them, life could not exist. Not only do they improve digestion and absorption, enzymes speed and regulate all chemical reactions in the body in an orchestration of intelligence and control. So essential to health are enzymes that up to 40% of the body’s proteins made on a daily basis are for the production of the more than 50,000 enzymes the body needs to run every single chemical reaction. The many modern conditions that plague mankind and domestic animals do not exist in wild animal models where enzyme packed foods abound. Illness and poor health are largely due to the destruction of enzymes by heat (cooking) and a lack of raw and fermented foods in the diet. Superior to animal derived and fungus synthesized enzymes on the market, the TRS Enzyme Complex contains the worlds most bioavailable and healthy enzyme complex and is only available from ITI. Order yours today and take your health to the next level!


Dr. Nicholas Calvino



Everyone experiences different benefits, but any one of them can improve the quality of your life in very measurable ways. Listen to this…

“As a result of an auto accident in 1967, I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain for the past 35 years. In the early 1990s, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and then developed environmental illness problems.

I have been through every traditional and nontraditional treatment and therapy I have heard of. Some have helped a little. Most have not helped at all. Of course, since I had never heard of MA+, I bought it immediately and began taking it.

I have never experienced anything like this. In just 10 days, my life has changed:

I have not needed daily naps.

I have not needed any pain medication.

I have not needed to ice down my neck, shoulders, elbow or back.

I do not wake up 2 and 3 times a night in pain. (Actually, since the Thursday after I began taking MA+, I have slept all night, every night. That is something I have not done in 20 years.)

I have full range of motion in my neck with no pain.

I have increased the range of motion in my right shoulder; so much so, I can reach up and put my own dishes away now.

I started with 2 scoops of MA+ for the first couple of days. Then I moved to 3 scoops a day.

Am I excited? You better believe it! MA+ has truly changed my life. I hope it helps other as much as it has helped me.

Thank you, TRS.”

- Sherri K., Rogers AK

At TRS, we know that it is impossible to address toxicity without addressing deficiency, as all detoxification is nutrient dependent. Just as it is impossible to overcome deficiency without addressing toxicity, as toxins rob the body of nutrients. This is called the Toxicity / Deficiency Syndrome. Our products are designed to help your body heal itself from the effects of this vicious cycle. Listen to how well they work…

"Now, I’m really blown away! Last year, I applied for term life insurance, and got back a really nasty blood test report – showing my total cholesterol at 265, HDL (the “good” stuff) at 26, and worst of all, my triglycerides (blood fats coming from my Krispy Kreme addiction…) at a whopping 613!!! What did all this mean? First, my HDL Cholesterol is low, and my total is high, and the triglycerides compared to my HDL showed that I was developing “insulin tolerance,” a precursor to Type II diabetes, which I am genetically prone to.

Alright… too many numbers and too much technical detail; what did all this mean? To net it out, I had 3 times the average risk for heart disease, and was a sure candidate for diabetes (I just lost my father to kidney failure caused by diabetes) at the young and tender age of 41! As you might imagine, I was not (and neither was my wife, Shyamla) a happy camper.

Until then, I pooh-poohed nutritional supplements, and had a mostly unhealthy lifestyle (I confess, I smoke! And love sweets, and the grease and chocolate food groups….) and didn’t exercise. This was a wake-up call, and I started on MA+ and the Enzyme complex several months after that. First, I found myself a lot more energetic, so I figured I have nothing to lose. I really didn’t make any major lifestyle changes other than losing 5-7 lbs. And I just got by blood tested again last week…

The results were astonishing! My triglycerides were at 180 from 600+!!! My HDL Cholesterol had jumped by a factor of 2, putting me safely in the normal range. My Total cholesterol was now 185, again normal! Bottom line: my risk for heart disease went from 3 times average, to of average, a whopping 6 times improvement! And, the “insulin tolerance” went down by a factor of 8, taking me off the risk path for diabetes! I changed from a really unhealthy high-risk specimen to someone who is within a sliver of being in the pink of health – with no medication!! Did I mention that my blood pressure also went from 140/88 to 110/72? Once again: no major lifestyle changes – I still smoke (don’t try this at home folks… I’m a trained professional!) and don’t really exercise or eat too much healthy food.

My sister is a doctor, and she pointed out that MA+ supports the natural glutathione anti-oxidant system in the body, and that the TRS Enzyme complex has another powerful anti-oxidant, CoQ10, and she felt the combination of the two was responsible for a full reversal of my body’s fat and sugar management systems to better than normal. My wife and my sister also told me that the TRS Enzyme complex has several key trace minerals, like selenium, which are key to helping glutathione do it’s magic. Needless to say, I’m now one of the strongest proponents of nutritional techniques to balanced health.

And yes, I do intend to stop tobacco use, and start eating better, and to exercise – I have hope now, for the first time! Do yourself a favor – save your life, and bring back to joy of living without chronic degenerative disease robbing you and your families of a fantastic, healthy future!”
– Dr. S. Kartik, Chicago, IL
"As a 63 year-old man who travels a lot, I had let my body get pretty run down. I was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cataracts, and some other health challenges. Some months ago, I learned about the products, and that they give the body what it needs to rebuild cells. Since a lot of people I know had experienced some great results, I got some for myself right away. After three months of taking MA+ every day, my blood sugar dropped from 254 to about 104, and it has stayed around there ever since. My cholesterol dropped from 208 to 199. For many years I tried to take care of those conditions through diet and exercise. Those things helped some, but I still had to rely on my medications. Now, since I’ve been on the product, my body is able to run the way it should. My doctor is amazed at the results of the blood tests. I am now completely off my medications all together, including my diabetes medication. I have more energy, and! I don’t wake up tired. I also learned that you can mix MA+ with some saline solution, and put it right in the eye. I did that twice a day for about two months, and now my cataracts are completely gone. This has been verified by a doctor — there is no trace of cataracts at all! As long as I’m on the product, the results show that I am in good health!"
- Alan K, Northeast Ohio
"During the last 5 months I’ve been to 3 major hospitals, I’ve had 7 EKGs, 22 blood tests, a stress test, and many other tests. The neurologist I went to told me had Lupus – these people had me dead already! I had high blood pressure, and had skips and palpitations, and a number of other physical issues. I heard about MA+, and wanted to get on it right away. After two weeks on the product, the skips and palpitations are about gone. My blood pressure used to be 202/101, now it’s 130/73. The pain across my chest and back is completely gone. I had over 500 treatments for pain in my lower back — I couldn’t even get out of a chair without pain. That pain is totally gone! I have more energy now , and I’m building houses. MA+ has done a phenomenal thing for me. I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, I can’t say enough about MA+. (By the way, now the doctor who diagnosed me with Lupus thinks that he made a mistake – he can’t find any evidence of it. I am co! nfident that it was no mistake — the product made the difference!)"
- Nick K., Northeast Ohio

"I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 10 years. I was in pain day after day, but refused to take medication because I was afraid it would damage my liver. In July 2003 I was introduced to MA+. I started taking it right away and in one week about half my pain was gone. As I continue to take MA+, the pain is less and less. On June 11th I had surgery to fix the leak at the miatial valve of my heart. After the surgery the Doctor said I would always have a leak, but that it was 50% improved from before the surgery. After taking MA+ for 4 months I decided to get another checkup on my heart. They did an echocardiography and the Doctor could not find the leak anymore. I am so thankful to God that MA+ was introduced to me."
- Amanda H., Millersburg, OH

No More Radiation

"I had been struggling with cancer. I was so bad off that some of my friends in another state even thought that the next time they came to Ohio, it would be for my funeral! About 10 days after I began to take MA+, I went in for some spot radiation for some spots on my back. The doctor came in and told me they were canceling the procedure, because I "was perfect." I had been living on pain pills, because I was in pain all the time. I now feel so good, I don’t even take them any more!"
- Don B, Northern Ohio

No More Autism

"Our 7 year-old son was autistic. All his life, he could only speak 3 or 4 words, but actually, all anyone ever heard him say was “no.” One day in school, he got his finger cut off in a door. The doctors were able to sew it back on, but over a few days, it began to turn black. None of the prescription drugs they gave him were working. We decided on our own to give him the product, and stopped the antibiotics. In a short time, his finger began to turn pink, and it was saved. Exactly the same time, to the day that we began giving him the product, his teachers began to notice his performance improving at school. Also, he began trying to sound out words that the teachers were saying. They thought we had altered his normal medication, but all we did differently was to begin giving him MA+. Other children in the class began to use MA+ and had good results. Long story short, one day, our son came home and said, "I love you."— and it floored us! He has since tested out o! f his special class both medically and academically. Today he is in a normal 3rd grade class. Obviously, he’s a little behind the other students, but he’s catching up fast. We had to laugh, because recently the teacher sent a note home saying that our son was doing great in class, but they couldn’t get him to quit talking! Now this is a boy who, less than a year ago, only said "no." We are thrilled with the results we have gotten from MA+."
- Darren K., Illinois

No More Asthma

"I have had chronic asthma since I was a young boy, with many medications, injections, and hospitalizations. It’s just gotten worse over the years. Because of my asthma, I had to cut vacations short, and I wasn’t able to visit people I cared about because they owned cats, and I couldn’t handle it. I heard of MA+, and was skeptical, but I decided to try it. I began with the loading dose, and started drinking a lot of water. After two months, my wife began to notice that I wasn’t using my inhaler, which I had used for a long time. (Previous to this, I couldn’t go for more than two days without using it.) I also noticed that the cold weather and exercise weren’t affecting my breathing like they used to. I went to a major clinic to get myself tested – I had to know for myself how MA+ was helping me. I did a breathing test, and waited for the doctor to interpret the results. It was like a comedy routine – the doctor came in and said, "Nurse, you made a mistake. I need ! Bruce’s chart." The nurse replied, "That IS Bruce’s chart." They went back and forth over it a little, but the bottom line is that the numbers were significantly better. Since then, I’ve been able to visit people who had cats. I feel so much better, and I’m down to almost no medications at all. I am so thankful and so pleased at what MA+ has done for me. I know I’m going to live healthier and longer because of it. This product is absolutely amazing – and that’s a statement from a former strong skeptic!"
- Bruce S., Boston, Massachusetts

No More Chemotherapy

"Three and a half years ago our daughter, (now age 6) was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was on Chemotherapy for 2 years. A few months after she had quit the Chemotherapy, she was very pale; had dark circles around her eyes, and her blood count was dropping with each monthly visit. I knew she was heading for a relapse. Her platelet count was down to 233,000 and the normal range for her age was 250,000 to 550,000. We often prayed for something that would help our daughter. That’s when our friend introduced MA+ to us, so we decided to try it. After only 1 month of taking MA+, her platelet count went from 233,000 to 452,000! And her blood test went up to normal. Also our 4-year-old had not been doing well. She was pale, fussy, and undernourished. We took her to the Dr. and did some tests to diagnose her problem. She was anemic, and the next thing to a diabetic, plus other problems. After a month on MA+, we never took her back to the Dr. again. Our little girls once again have nice pink complexions!"
- John & Verna Y., Loudonville, Ohio
“My wife has battled Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s disease and other conditions for about ten years. She was in constant pain, and suffered continually. Even while she slept, I would see her grimace in pain. After she had been on MA+ for 11 days, I am happy to report that I have my wife back again. She is smiling, happy, energetic, and is enjoying life again. We’re STAYING on MA+!”
- Steve M., Oregon
“After being stiff for over 25 years, I was sure that there would never be anything that would help my back pain. I worked on cars and often found myself in crooked positions that made the pain worse. My backaches made life really hard. I was introduced to MA+ a little over a year ago.

I thought, “What do I have to lose?” It tasted fine, so even though I didn’t yet know if it was going to help or not, I kept drinking it. My back pain gradually got better over the next month. One day when I came out from under a car, I realized that I wasn’t aching. It didn’t matter what position I was in. My back didn’t hurt anymore.

I’m in my late fifties, but my back feels better than it did when I was in my thirties.”
- Vern B., Ohio

“My life was plagued with migraine headaches. Even though the doctors had me take test after test, no one could find out what was wrong. I’ve been on every medication out there. Sometimes my headaches would be so bad that all I could do was go into a dark room and put a wet towel over my head. I would often get so sick that I would have to throw up.

It put a lot of stress on me, and it was really hard to live a normal life. Nothing seemed to work and I was beginning to feel very frustrated. I wanted to experience life without pain, and without worrying before I went places if I would be all right.

When I was introduced to MA+, I started taking it right away. I started to see results the first week. I only had two headaches during that week, which was much better than the daily problems I had had before. I continued to see results over the next few months.

Now, I rarely have any headaches at all. I feel great. My energy level is up, and I finally feel free to live my life.”
- Sabrina H.

“My doctor told me that I had very high cholesterol. He wanted to put me on a certain drug. But I researched that drug, and found out that it could cause severe liver damage. So instead, my husband and I decided to go on the loading dose of MA+. In just a short time, my cholesterol levels went back to where they should be, with no side effects – just good health.”
- Mary B., New Hampshire

That is why MA+ is like the fountain of youth. If we allow our bodies to create cellular protection then our cells will live longer and we can make new cells faster. If we can turn our cells over as fast as they’re dying, then we’re not dying. That’s the true fountain of youth.

“I have been using TRS enzymes for about three months and I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. The first thing I saw was an absolute increase in energy. The second thing I saw was an increase in the productivity of other products I was taking (MA+) because of the enzymes. I have actually been able to lower the intake of some of my medications that I have been on for quite a while. The third thing I am seeing, and I really don’t know how to say this, is that I have been much more regular in the bathroom than I have been in a long time. The enzymes have done wonders for me and they are so easy to use. I just take some with each meal. I am also working out in the gym, and I never thought I would have that kind of energy again. I know that if you use the enzymes, you will be as pleased with them as I am.”
- Lee F., California

“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at least 6 or 7 years ago. I tried different therapies, including exercise; juicing, etc., but got nowhere. I was exhausted all the time, and in lots of pain. I started taking MA+ about 2 months ago. I noticed a difference almost immediately! My energy increased right away. Before, I was exhausted even before the day was over. Now I can go all day. My pain has diminished greatly. So much so, I can put my hair up, without having to rest half way through the process like I had to do before taking this product. I can even climb stairs without resting twice, like I had to in the past.”
- Martha S., Holmesville, OH




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